It was early September 2016. A couple of college friends were reflecting after embarrassing themselves on the golf course and they came across a card table with Yahtzee cups and 5 dice. This intrepid crew was adept at entertaining themselves, having spent their college years in the frozen tundra of Upstate New York, so they created a new game right there on the spot.

The goal was to roll the dice and score by matching up two of a kind, three of a kind, or four of a kind. First one to 100 wins - a simple game conceived from a small period of “in-between” time that, in normal circumstances, would have been forgotten by the following morning. But this was no normal circumstance.

The next time these group of friends got together, one of them brought up their new game. This time, the game got a few additional rules. No touching the dice unless you want to pick it up, rolling off the table is a drink, loser takes a shot. In the final moment of that round, the first real time the game as we know it today was played, the game was won from 97 off three-of-a-kind 1s. It was an epic moment of dumb luck and it birthed an inspired revelation: this game must be called Triple Snakes.

From there, Triple Snakes spread like wildfire through friends and family and new rules were added like the Four-of-a-Kind Bonus Rule and the Straight Rule. It has been played as a pre-game, before family dinner, late night, and of course over many Zoom calls in the pandemic. It may just have been the pandemic that ultimately led yours truly to go mad and start planning how to get Triple Snakes to the masses.

After months of planning and a successful Kickstarter campaign, we are now embarking a mission to get Triple Snakes to the masses. Click here to grab your own Triple Snakes game set and remember: 

Always bring your dice.