Triple Snakes is your new favorite dice game. Born in NYC and developed in Boston, Triple Snakes is the perfect casual game to play at home, out at a beer garden, or with those new friends you just met at the airport bar. Wherever you are, just remember to always bring your dice.


Game of the decade, hands down.

Snake-Themed Dice-Rolling Drinking Games Digest

Couple of friends + Triple Snakes = the perfect way to start your Saturday night.

Leah D.

Triple Snakes saved my marriage.

Tom G.

I used to be gluten intolerant, but thanks to Triple Snakes I’m a beer drinker again!

Billy P.

What are you doing still reading these quotes? Go get yourself some Triple Snakes! Future you will thank you.

Neil B.


I'm Freddy, the creator of Triple Snakes. I'm a big fan of games that get people together to enjoy some casual competition over their beverage of choice. Triple Snakes has brought me and my friends a ton of good times over the years, so I figured it was my duty to get this game to the masses. With your help, Triple Snakes will soon become everyone's favorite dice game.

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